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Project Revealed

on May 29, 2012

Ok, here it is. The sandpaper-and-spray-paint-can’t-screw-it-up project. My sister, Sam, called me a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning at 8:30AM and said she found these desks, do I want them.

For any of you that know me, I was not awake! I am not a morning person. Not really giving it much thought I said no but, knowing me better than I know myself she kept telling me about them. They were $30 for both or $20 a piece…(yeah, you do the math, I don’t think the seller’s strong point was math.)

I kept telling her no when she finally said, “If I can get them both for $20 would you want them.” I figured there’s no way she could do that so I said sure. Well, my sister is quite the bargainer because she was at my house 30 minutes later with them! Now, I had a project to do!

Here’s how it went down.

First Primer. Definitely use a spray primer! I didn’t because I already had a quart of Kilz and that stuff is expensive!

Pay no attention to my messy garage, toy peppers and anything else!

Second, lots of SUPER LIGHT coats of black spray paint (I HATE spray paint! I still have spray paint in my nose but luckily I got rid of the mustache that Matt found hysterical!)

(See the crate I painted these on? That’s another project for the future!)

I had headphones on and painted and painted and painted! About three and a half cans of paint later I got this:

I had this awesome jar of yellow tester paint I had a vision for so I thought I would try it out. Unfortunately, my desk turned out more like a school bus than a vintage school desk! I was NOT happy!

I originally wanted to paint the tops robin’s egg blue but Matt made a face when I showed him the color at the store so I went against by better judgement. I threw the desks in the garage, went and showered and pondered how the heck I was going to fix this without repainting or spending money.

I thought I would try to distress them a bit and paint a bird on them, my usual go to idea!

When I don’t get enough black paint to show through after sandpapering the edges I take a black permanent marker and fill in where I want it to be black and quickly rub it in with a rag.

Then I stenciled on the bird….

And final product!

The kids seem to like it!

Things I would do different:

  1. Use a satin finish rather than gloss.
  2. Paint the tops a different color. The choices are endless. TIP: Buy a tester paint sample from Lowe’s to paint an area that small. Two coats of paint on each desk top only took up about 6oz of paint and the sample sizes are only $3. I found mine in clearance for .50 cents.
So, there you have it. I’m going to lay off the birds (and spray paint) for a while!

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